We are committed to provide the Best in Class Works & Services in the whole GCC Construction industry.

We can deliver fast and high-quality fire protection, automation and specialty construction services for you and your business!

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ALL-FAST TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC is committed to provide our customers the FASTEST & HIGHEST QUALITY services, systems and products for complete customer satisfaction.

Active Fire Protection System

We undertake/execute concerning design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and certification of fire alarm, fire detection system, in accordance with the relevant UAE Fire & Life Safety Code. icon-service2

Passive Fire Protection System

We undertake/execute project works concerning supply, installation, and certification of Passive Fire Protection System in new residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure in accordance with FM, UL and UAE Fire & Life Safety Code.

Automation System

ALL-FAST Technical Services will continue its legacy of providing our customer quality products, systems and maintenance service when it comes to Automation works for manufacturing, power & water, infrastructure and oil & gas projects.

Specialty Contracting

ALL-FAST Technical Services also caters the needs of the construction industry in post-installed anchor and rebar installation, retrofitting works and cut & break of concrete structure.


All Fast Technical Services

ALL-FAST TECHNICAL SERVICES is a privately held Fire-Fighting, Automation and Specialty Works construction company that is based in Dubai, UAE. A proud member of TRANS-TECH Group of companies committed to our objective of providing our customers with “ALL-FAST & QUALITY” products, systems and services.


Trans-tech is a Multi-Business Industrial Group that is catering

  • Marketing & systems integration of machineries, equipment, functional systems, for food, beverage, power and general manufacturing industries.

  • Design engineering, manufacturing, assembly & supply of functional systems of electrical panel boards, switch gears, and capacitor banks.

  • Provides application & technical analysis of green saving energy products which helps improve combustion quality, reduce emissions & operational cost.

  • Marketing & systems integration of automation control sytems and components, power energy efficienty products, (power meters, transformers, generators with control systems), technical analysis and installation of special protection devices which prevents machine & systems downtime & promotes production efficiency.

  • General construction (civil / structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical), technical engineering services (electronics & automation, process, water treatment, conveyors, pneumatics).


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