Clark Rosales November 15, 2019

Here’s What You Need to Know About Your Dubai Access Control System

When you implement an access control system in Dubai, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration. Your first concern should start with your exact purpose. Most companies make use of an access control system to bump up their security. This means that the chosen system must be tamper-proof, updated, and resilient against vulnerabilities. It’s very easy to see why you need one for your building. The question now is, who do you choose? You need to choose a company that provides “best in class” services, products, and systems. 

All-Fast Technical Services is a privately-held construction company and automation company in Dubai. All-Fast is a proud member of the Trans-tech group of companies that guarantees that each customer will get only quality products, services, and systems. If you’ve been looking for a trusted company, look no further than All-Fast for your access control system in Dubai. 

What is an Access Control System?

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You may be wondering what all the fuss is about an access control system. In Dubai, there are many luxuries, ultramodern architecture, nightlife, shopping, and more. It’s generally safe to walk around Dubai, even alone. Dubai is heavily monitored across the city. Developments such as property investment and luxury tourism have caused an influx of tourists and bumped up security. Access control systems are useful tools to protect investments and all these luxuries. 

Besides using your typical security system, an access control system can determine who has access to the property. It can recognize and authenticate a person for entry. Access control systems also provide a means to track who enters and exits a specific area. It is combined with the security system to ensure that no unauthorized individuals have access to the premises. When you use an access control system in Dubai, you have a better chance of securing your property from unwanted individuals. 

Access control systems are not a trend. These devices are essential for any building. It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in, you can find that it’s very beneficial for security and more. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different kinds of access control systems. You can find out which works best for you by approaching an expert such as All-Fast. Reliability is crucial. You can trust that All-Fast will always deliver quality products and services. 

When you get started on choosing which access control system works best for you, look for a system with a good track record. In addition to consistency, you should seek out a system that’s flexible. Which one has good uptime and consistent experience? Can the system be customized per user and entry requirements? The system you pick should be suitable for your needs.  

Another factor to keep in mind is the overall cost of the system. Access control systems are not cheap. Be wary of the price. If it’s too good to be true then it might as well be. Your price range can go up to thousands or more depending on how much you plan to purchase. This is when you need to decide where you need to install each system. If you can afford it, you can choose to secure a lot more areas. 

Now that you’ve determined what an access control system is, let’s move on to different types of access control systems. 

Types of Access Control System

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You can approach All-Fast for different types of access control systems and more. Different access control systems are used depending on the requirements of the organization. The main types of access control systems are as follows: 

  • Mandatory Access Control
    • Mandatory Access Control is a security model that uses restricted access rights. It’s regulated through a central authority. This can often be found in government and military facilities. Each area can be accessed by different classifications. If you’re not cleared to access the area, you won’t be able to gain entry. For example, if you have a low-level clearance and you try to access a high clearance area, you’ll immediately be rejected from entering. The system may also track your access. If you want to keep your facility extra secure, this system may be the one for you.
  • Discretionary Access Control
    • This access control system is controlled by the owners and administrators. They can set who can access the resource, while also adding limits at the same time. Sadly, this system lacks centralized control. This can be conflicting, and managing your DAC system can be difficult if you have different administrators. However, if your admins create an organized system, this can be an effective way to protect your data, systems, and resources.
  • Role-based Access Control
    • This is a widely used access control system that restricts access based on individuals or groups with defined business functions. Rather than the identity of the user, access can be defined by their role. For example, Administrator-1 or Engineer-4. The role-based mechanics can further enforce MAC and DAC systems. 
  • Rule-based Access Control
    • This access control calls for the system administrator to define rules to govern access to different resource objects. This can be derived from factors such as time and location. Rule-based and role-based can go hand in hand in an access control system, which is a common practice.

Credentials Used

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Access controls will work through authentication. The credentials you have are authenticated after you present it to the reader. The access control unit will then check to see if you’re valid for access. If your access is valid, the access control unit sends a signal to the door lock system and opens it up to you. 

Different credentials can be used for these systems. You can choose from different ones depending on your preferences. Here are the most common and popular credentials used in access control systems by All-Fast:

  • RFID
    • RFIDs are cheap and they’re commonly chosen because of this. It comes in different formats such as proximity cards, contactless smart cards, and magstripe cards. These can be worn down or lost, which can get expensive over time. Those who have cards should learn how to keep their items secure at all times.
  • PIN Code
    • Instead of physical credentials, a PIN code might offer more security than its physical counterpart. PIN codes can be connected to the access control system where individuals will input their unique PIN. However, PIN codes can be forgotten or shared, which isn’t ideal for high-traffic and high-security areas. 
  • Biometrics
    • Biometric readers have different price ranges with low-end to high-end options. These can include fingerprints, retinas, and palms. This is much more secure compared to the previously mentioned items above. It’s not easy to replicate the unique patterns of each individual. This can be advantageous in high-security facilities. However, if your building is prone to dust, sand, and humidity, skip out on the fingerprint readers and choose another biometric option. 
  • Mobile 
    • Not many are using mobile credentials yet but this is the most future-proof access control credential you can try. It works by assigning each user their access credentials through their phone. The user will install an app for access control. After that, each time they need to access an area, they can just log in through the app and approach the reader. The user proceeds to make an unlock request on the app and the prompt is then sent via bluetooth, wifi, or cellular data. This replaces the need for any physical keys and offers a cost-effective, fully encrypted option for businesses.

Why Use an Access Control System

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The goal of your access control system in Dubai is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your physical and software systems. Access control systems protect sensitive data such as customer information and more. No matter what industry you’re in, whether for manufacturing or civil construction companies in Dubai, you can use an access control system. Not only are you keeping your facilities secure but you’re also keeping track of and auditing who enters and exits the premises at any given time. 

In the hospitality industry, hotels have been under pressure since the emergence of alternatives like AirBnB. More are being added to hotels to increase their appeal and attract more guests. Each of these additions, such as shops, bars, and entertainment, add more vulnerabilities to the facility. Luxury accommodation in Dubai requires an access control system to protect your guests and staff. An access control system can also increase the efficiency of front desk operations, thus amplifying the luxury experience. 

Even with rigorous security at the airport, there are still safety challenges that can be experienced. The TSA usually focuses on terminals most of the time, leaving other areas vulnerable. Restricted areas become vulnerable without an access control system. In Dubai, take a leap with a good access control system from All-Fast to keep any vulnerable areas secure. 

Secure, Safe, and Reliable Access Control Systems with All-Fast Technical Services!

All-Fast Technical Services is a provider of secure, safe, and reliable access control systems and more. They have a full range of engineers, sales, and operations equipped with years of experience and expertise that can ensure you’re only getting high-quality services. If you have more questions and inquiries, click here for a fast and reliable transaction.