Clark Rosales November 15, 2019

Why All-Fast is the Most Reliable Civil Construction Company in Dubai

With the advancement of technology, civil construction companies in Dubai employ state-of-the-art equipment, machines, and tools to further provide effective solutions and systems to clients. With All-Fast, you are ensured with “All-Fast and quality” products, services, and solutions. 

What Makes All-Fast Reliable

Blueprint, level and belongings of construction engineer

When looking for a reliable civil construction company, project owners must seek the ones that are able to get the job done on schedule, within the budget, and at the level of quality as well as safety that meets or exceeds industry standards. The following are several important qualities of civil construction companies in Dubai possess. 

Focus On Safety

With All-Fast, your project is backed by an actual low incident rate and comprehensive safety program to ensure the welfare of everyone, including occupants and tenants alike. Safety is deemed one of the most important aspects of any and for the most part, all industrial projects. All-Fast has the most potential to be of service as we put emphasis on safety.

Meets and Exceeds the Industry Standard

UAE Building Regulations, Society of Engineers – UAE, and Dubai Building Publications and Codes are some of the industry standards of the country. They are aligned with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International standards, British standards, and European Norms in ensuring the safety of building constructions. The different international and regional standards incorporated into the UAE standards are then adopted in the regional code. Meaning, it is implemented nationwide for all civil construction companies in Dubai to adhere to. 

These industry standards include regulations and codes that certify fabrication tools as well as facilities, concrete, and other construction materials to ensure that the project will be carried out safely. With All-Fast, your project is ensured to be safe as they comply with all legalities and UAE standards. 

Skilled and Experienced Team

The Ministry of Labour issues certificates of employee qualifications, skills, and job experience to prove their eligibility to work in a construction site. The National Qualifications Authority, the Federal Demographic Council and Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council work hand-in-hand with the government to provide civil construction companies with Dubai quality manpower. In line with this, All-Fast ensures project owners the quality of work as provided by employees. From welders, craftsmen, construction workers, to mechanical engineers.

Excellent Project Management

Project management comprises of the beginning and end of construction projects. From initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing of the project, All-Fast teams with the project owners to achieve the best results. Civil construction companies in Dubai like All-Fast provide you with excellent project management. 

Any issues are rectified immediately to avoid falling behind on a task that may cause a domino effect which derails the entire project. All-Fast ensures the arrival of materials and resources beforehand or on time to meet the requirements and deadlines. Moreover, the company issues constructive data reports and status updates that establish an honest and transparent relationship with the project owners. 

Plenty of Quality Resources

Top civil construction companies in Dubai have a wide connection to suppliers and manufacturers. All-Fast has access to top-quality equipment, materials, and resources that we use for construction. We have the capacity to adapt to technological changes and embrace new advancements of systems to improve the quality of work at a low cost. Our civil construction company tailors its systems to any latest developments in the construction market.

Proven Track Record

Track records are reliable indicators that a civil construction company in Dubai delivers the best results. All-Fast is committed to providing clients with “All-Fast and Quality” products, systems and services. Our teams of professional engineers, sales and operations are equipped with technical expertise and knowledge that provides service quality to ensure client satisfaction. 

Types of Services Offered by All-Fast

silhouette group of worker and civil engineer in safety uniform install reinforced steel column in construction site during sunset time industrial concept

All-Fast is a civil construction company in Dubai that aims to provide the fastest and highest quality services, systems, and products to clients that require comprehensive and integrated protection systems. Here are the services offered by All-Fast.

Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems

All products and systems under this service are compliant with the International Code and Civil Defense project specifications to ensure clients are obtaining efficient fire prevention tools. All-Fast is certified to supply and install fire protection systems in new residences, commercial, and industrial in accordance with the Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), and UAE Fire and Life Safety Code. 


  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
    • Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) consists of fire alarm and control panel devices, annunciators, fire communicators and addressable devices. An integrated FDAS is designed to alert you in case of fire so you can take proper preventive measures to halt major damage to occur. As a building owner, you do not only save lives, but you also protect the investment you placed to have your building constructed. Investing in an FDAS is a great way to eliminate the risk of fire spreading. Fire Detection and Systems supplied and installed by All-Fast are compliant with International Codes (IC) and the Civil Defense project specifications.
  • Emergency Light and Monitoring
    • For public safety, emergency lighting and monitoring are designed to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants in case of any hazardous situation. With a reliable, real-time emergency lighting monitoring system that All-Fast offers, automation of building operations has become a great arsenal for building owners to combat any fatalities or injuries. With its integration into the control panel system of fire alarms, monitoring is made easier and faster. Areas where the fire started can be quickly tracked down to prevent it from spreading and causing more damage. 
  • Voice Evacuation System
    • The package is not complete without a voice evacuation system. Together with the FDAS plus emergency lights and monitoring, the voice evacuation system alerts occupants of the safest emergency exit to take to reach evacuation. It serves as a guide for everyone regarding which floors to avoid and which routes to take. More importantly, the alerts will inform occupants that a fire started in the building to avoid confusion. 
  • Fire Sprinkler System
    • All-Fast provides fire sprinkler systems that automatically activate when a predetermined level of heat is reached. Just like any other sprinkler system, All-Fast discharge water to prevent the spread and growth of a fire. 
  • Fire Fighting System
    • Fire hydrants system or firefighting system are supplied and provided by All-Fast. It consists of fire storage tanks that are used to extinguish the fire and limit the damage caused by it. 


Automation, ELV, and IT Infrastructure System

As part of codes and regulations, civil construction companies in Dubai provide services to clients to ensure infrastructure safety. From automation to cablings and systems, here are the quality services rendered by All-Fast to clients. 


  • Industrial Automation
    • With the use of computer software and robotics, All-Fast is able to provide industrial automation to clients between devices in the building or manufacturing site. The automation of processes allows clients to optimize their operations with an integrated control system and information in the plant, site, and facility. All-Fast possesses the resources to tailor-fit solutions to customers’ requirements and needs. 
  • Home and Building Automation
    • As industries are gearing towards automation, homes, and buildings are beginning to employ process optimization. With All-Fast, automation solutions are guaranteed to provide less human intervention to home equipment and appliances – from lighting control, shutters, heating, and air conditioning, garage door, solar sensors, alarm, and sound system to small appliances integrated altogether into a single control panel. 
  • Extra Low Voltage (ELV) – CCTV & Access Control System
    • To ensure the safety of residents, tenants, and occupants, All-Fast provides a wide range of solutions to employ the latest security systems. ELV system for buildings, commercial areas, and residences comprised of sub-systems.
  • CCTV 
    • The CCTV provided by All-Fast is a self-contained surveillance system that comprises of cameras, recorders, and displays for monitoring activities within its perimeter.
  • Lift Access Control
    • The lift access control can be integrated into the security systems of the entire residential or commercial building. Visitors are not allowed to enter the building without the permission of the unit owner they wish to visit. With this control integrated into the security system, occupants are ensured of their safety.
  • Door Access Control
    • The door access control is a system that determines who is allowed, where a person is allowed, and when a person is allowed to enter and exit the premises. In simpler words, a person without access to a door cannot enter the premises. 
  • IT Infrastructure – Structured Cablings
    • Structured cablings are telecommunications cabling infrastructure created by a series of patch panels and trunks. In partnership with industry manufacturing leaders of Fiber Optics, All-Fast is able to provide connectivity and fire-stopping needs to customers for IT infrastructure use. 


Specialty Works Construction

All specialty work construction offered by All-Fast is in compliance with local and international codes. With a team of highly skilled and professional engineers, workers, fabricators and welders, the end results are steadfast and reliable. 


  • Post Installed Anchor and Rebar Installation
    • From the installation of deformed reinforcing bars in holes drilled in concrete to cast-in-place reinforcing bars, All-Fast is able to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions. 
  • Steel and Metal Works
    • With the use of reliable and efficient tools as well as equipment, all services steel and metalworking that All-Fast provides are in accordance with the specifications and procedures.  
  • Structural Retrofitting
    • As part of building safety codes, All-Fast provides structural retrofits to ensure the durability of building elements like foundations, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, windows, floors, and roofs. 
  • Cut and Breaks Works
    • For technical services, All-Fast uses state-of-the-art tools like diamond coring, cutting machines and equipment to control demolition, concrete cuts, and break work.


Entrust Your Civil Works to All-Fast – The Most Reliable Civil Construction Companies in Dubai

As the best fire and safety company in Dubai, All-Fast’s experience in the industrial sector and commitment to delivering only superior results with outstanding value propelled us to be the natural choice by project owners and clients for civil construction projects. From access control systems to home automation in Dubai, ensure your occupants’ safety with the most reliable and certified professional engineers, welders, technicians, and workers. Click here to learn more!