Clark Rosales November 15, 2019

Protect Your Building with All-Fast: The Best Fire and Safety Company in Dubai

Implementing a proper fire protection system is no easy task, as you would need licensed personnel and experts to help put the system in place. This is why you need to hire the best fire and safety company in Dubai to make sure that the job gets done, and all of the proper systems are in place. 

Safety is one of the most important priorities for any location, whether it be your home, or where you work and do business – from security and control access, systems, to having quality fire protection systems. For the latter, fire protection systems are one of the most important safety features of any building. 

A fire protection system is not only a system designed to prevent or suppress fires, but also to alert people within the premises and provide the quickest evacuation route possible during the emergency. Fire protection systems are very effective, as they help prevent a building from getting damaged by fire, and save lives in the process. Having a fire protection system is also a sound investment, as it will protect your facilities and resources from fires, which can compromise operations. 

How to Protect Your Building with All-Fast

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Fires are one of the most dangerous hazards that can happen inside a building, which is why it is important to have a proper fire protection system from a fire and safety company in Dubai like All-Fast. This system consists of different components to operate properly and efficiently and make sure the proper preventive measures and evacuation procedures are handled properly. Here is how your building will be protected by a fire and safety company in Dubai

Active Fire Protection System

There are two main types of fire protection systems. These are active fire protection systems and passive fire protection systems. For the former, an active fire protection system is designed to immediately respond once fire is present. The tools and equipment in an active fire protection system are automated to provide the quickest response possible. Along with automated equipment that can suppress fires, another important element of an active fire protection system is having an emergency evacuation system. 

In the event of a fire, personnel must be able to evacuate immediately in a safe manner to ensure everyone’s safety. An active fire protection system ensures a building has all the devices in place in order to suppress fires, which is why you must only get the best fire and safety company in Dubai to keep your building safe. Here are some of the main systems of an active fire protection system:

Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

One of the core elements of an active fire protection system, smoke detectors and fire alarms are designed to identify any form of fire hazard nearby. This will alert all of the personnel present in the building, along with activating fire suppression systems to prevent the fire from spreading further. All-Fast Dubai provides the latest fire suppression technologies that ensure the quickest response to any form of fire hazards. 

Emergency Lighting Systems

In the event of a fire, there are scenarios in which power might be shut down to prevent electrical fires from occurring. This means buildings must have the proper emergency systems in place in order to guide personnel to safety. The implementation of emergency lighting systems helps solve this issue. These lighting systems will activate automatically in the case where the main power would be shut off, signaling evacuating personnel to the correct fire exits. 

Voice Evacuation System

Along with emergency lighting systems, a voice evacuation system is also necessary to alert every one of the fire hazards present, and inform proper evacuation procedures for all personnel. Having a proper evacuation system prevents people from panicking during an emergency, which is why conveying information is important. Voice evacuation systems have the ability to alert all personnel within a building, as they can be installed in all rooms and facilities to provide the best coverage. 

Passive Fire Protection System

Active fire protection systems are designed to take action in the case of a fire happening within a building, providing suppressive measures to stop it from spreading throughout the premises. When it comes to passive fire protection systems, these are preventive measures designed to protect the building and stop the fire before it could happen. This is done by installing fire-stopping measures into a building’s structure, which are substances that provide fire-resistant qualities to crucial areas of your building. 

This not only lessens the damage that can be caused by the fire, but it also helps slow down the spread of fire, which provides valuable time for personnel to evacuate accordingly. Having a structure designed to be resistant against fires is just as important as implementing active fire suppression systems, which is why passive fire protection systems from a fire and safety company in Dubai will ensure that your building remains safe. 

Construction Joint Fire-Stopping

Construction joints are some of the highly vulnerable areas to fires. These joints are gaps present within a structure’s walls or floors, and is a common occurrence in various buildings. These gaps can be areas where fire and smoke could spread out, which can cause structures to weaken, and harm equipment and personnel. 

To prevent this from happening, implementing a construction joint fire-stopping system from the best fire and safety company in Dubai helps seal all of these gaps. These seals have a special and resistant coating to fires and high temperature, keeping these gaps safe from most kinds of fire hazards. If you are looking to seal these gaps as soon as possible, hiring All-Fast will help get things done quickly. 

Through Penetration Fire-Stopping

Fires have the ability to weaken various parts of a structure, and go through different parts of a building. Places in which fire can travel through a structure is through pipes, cables, and other types of wiring. These places are highly vulnerable to fires, and can cause different functions in a building to stop functioning. It is important to protect these sensitive locations by using through penetration fire-stopping. This fire protection system provides a protective barrier against fire, preventing it from going through walls and other parts of the overall structure. 

Curtain Wall Joint Fire-Stopping

Along with providing protection to the internal structure of your building, it is also important to protect your exterior walls from fire hazards as well. Your building’s exterior is just as vulnerable as your interior, which is why it is important to implement a preventive measure to protect it from fires. Curtain wall joint fire-stopping is a process that implements this measure by adding a protective layer that prevents the spread of fire. This includes adding fire resistant barriers, and applying fire resistant coating. Your exterior walls can be vulnerable to multiple fire hazards, which is why having curtain wall joint fire-stopping implemented by All-Fast is important to improve the safety of your building. 

What Are Common Fire Hazards?

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Fire hazards come in different forms, and all of them can cause massive amounts of damage without the implementation of proper preventive and safety measures. These hazards can be caused by a number of different factors, from faulty mechanics to negligence. Here are some of the most common fire hazards that can happen in your building:

Electrical Fires

Perhaps the most common cause of building fires, electrical fires can happen due to a variety of circumstances. This can include faulty or damaged wiring, broken machinery, and even malfunctioning systems. Proper maintenance helps prevent this hazard from happening, ensuring that all electrical systems are kept in good condition. 

Open Flames

Open flames are another common fire hazard. This can be caused by leaving candles and lamps open or leaving certain appliances like stoves and heaters running openly. This can cause fires to spread quickly within a certain area, which can cause devastating damage. Open flames can be prevented by making sure anything that can generate flames or high heat is turned off when not in use. 

Combustible Material

Another common cause of the fire is the presence of combustible material within a building. Most buildings have items and flammable substances which, if not stored properly, can come into contact with fire immediately. It is important to keep these materials in a more secure or separate facility to prevent it from causing fires. 

Choose All-Fast: The Best Fire and Safety Company in Dubai

Fire hazards can come in many different forms, all of which can cause devastating amounts of damage. Buildings are some of the most vulnerable structures, as there are many places in which a fire could spread if protective and preventives measures are not in place. By implementing fire protection systems, you would be able to have a system that can suppress fires immediately, and even prevent them from happening in the first place. 

For the best fire protection systems, it is best to hire the best fire and safety company in Dubai by choosing All-Fast. A trusted name when it comes to fire and safety protection amongst civil construction companies in Dubai, All-Fast would be able to provide all the necessary preventive measures that protect your building from different kinds of fire hazards. 

Along with providing protective and preventive measures against fire hazards, All-Fast also provides services as an automation company in Dubai. Being one of the most trusted services, All-Fast looks to provide the best in safety and security in your buildings. For more information about our services, you can click here to learn more!