Clark Rosales November 15, 2019

Benefits of Implementing Home Automation in Dubai

Home automation might seem like a new development when it comes to home management and general quality-of-life improvement, but that is not the case. If you look at some of the appliances and equipment in your home, some of them are products that were designed for the purpose of home automation. From sewing, washing, and drying machines to dishwashers and water heaters, automation solutions have been introduced ever since the early 1900s. That being said, home automation in Dubai, is becoming more popular due to the immense benefits that it can give to any homeowner around the globe.

Going beyond the products you recognize at home, newer ways of implementing home automation have become available thanks to the advent of computers, ‘smart’ technology, and internet connectivity. All these culminate in convenient solutions that help you manage your home better. One such provider of these solutions is All-Fast Technical Services, a leading specialty construction and automation company in Dubai

If you want to know how they make it possible, keep reading because this article will discuss the benefits of implementing home automation in Dubai. 

Energy Efficiency

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One of the biggest benefits of home automation is energy efficiency. Aside from satisfying man’s innate need to make life easier, technology needs to keep innovating so that it can produce the most amount of effort and utility while consuming the least amount of energy possible. This means efficiency and efficiency means savings. 

Aside from that, in this age of increasing environmental consciousness and awareness, everyone must do what they can to help preserve the world’s natural resources. Since the world is still reliant on increasingly scarce, non-renewable sources of energy, being efficient with their use is becoming more important as the years go by. 

What this implies to you is that implementing home automation will save you energy in all forms while keeping all your important needs satisfied. This not only helps you save money on costs that keep getting higher but it also helps the environment. Here are some specific examples of how home automation accomplishes that.

Lighting Control

Lights are one of the biggest consumers of electricity in a given person’s house. Because it’s easy to keep the lights on even when it’s not really in use, many people often waste a lot of electricity by not turning them off. This is where All-Fast’s home automation service can provide a solution.

The foundations of modern home automation are computers (usually in the form of your smartphone), the internet, and the necessary hardware required to carry out the needed tasks. When it comes to lighting control, the three components work together to give you control of the lights through your smartphone or personal computer. This allows you to turn the lights on and off from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. Other forms of lighting control work through sensors or key card systems, but that is more common in hospitality services such as hotels. 

By giving you this kind of added control, you can manage your electricity consumption better. The most advanced systems can even work with sensors and timers so that you can be efficient with your lights with minimal human input. 

Heating and Airconditioning

Heating and airconditioning, in terms of home automation, work in the same way as lighting control. Computers are connected to your heating and airconditioning units to regulate their output. This allows you to reach the desired room temperature without going beyond the needed amount of electricity to do so. This also applies to the heating of water. 

What most people don’t know is that lots of electricity and, consequently, money is wasted in the traditional heating and cooling process of rooms and water. This is because many existing water heaters and airconditioning units may not have the necessary hardware to track and regulate a given system’s temperature. In response, modern home automation systems such as All-Fast’s provide that kind of hardware which in turn gives you a more efficient system. 

Solar Sensors

Solar sensors, the broad term for solar panels, help supply your home’s energy supply with solar power. The development of solar sensors has enabled home automation even further because it serves as a cheap and renewable source of energy for your home’s systems. 

With solar sensors, you can stop consuming electricity from fossil fuels during the daytime and conserve any electricity you don’t consume during the night time thanks to a rechargeable battery. The more efficient your energy consumption is, the better it is for you in the long run.

Improved Security

CCTV security online camera with house plan

Apart from efficiency, home automation in Dubai and across the world provides better security in all aspects. While you may not be concerned about your expenditures relating to electricity, you should always be concerned about your own personal security and wellbeing. It can be easy to feel secure in your own home, but these days, there’s really no telling what can happen. All-Fast’s home automation system gives you peace of mind thanks to the many security systems they can implement.  

Surveillance System and Alarm

While surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras are nothing new, home automation gives it better functionality because it becomes integrated with a central security system. The conventional use of surveillance is labor-intensive. It requires having someone watch over a live or recorded feed to detect an intruder or suspicious activity. 

Thanks to enhanced security systems, surveillance cameras can work together with alarms and other forms of notification mechanisms to alert the owner of any potential danger that his or her home may face. When used with access control, surveillance cameras and alarms can be turned on whenever someone tries to access a room or open an access point without authorization. 

Access Control

Speaking of access control systems in Dubai, new ways of securing entrances have emerged thanks to relatively recent technological advancements. It’s no secret that people are getting more creative and wise with regards to how they can take advantage of your security vulnerability. As such, security systems have to keep up in order to stay ahead of potential threats to your security. Locks and latches are now easier to compromise than ever.

One of the more common forms of access control that has emerged in response to that is key card access. For the more advanced, biometric scanners are also readily available in the market, although these are more prevalent with businesses. Whatever the case may be, these types of security access controls help protect you, your family, and your valuables altogether. With All-Fast, you can customize the security system to fit your needs. 

Comprehensive Fire Protection Systems

Aside from human danger, home automation in Dubai also gives you protection from the elements. Fires are not uncommon when it comes to household accidents and given the reliance people have on electricity and other elements that incorporate heat such as cooking, the danger is there. House fires are incredibly damaging accidents which is why utmost protection is needed against them.

Home automation systems, such as the ones provided by All-Fast Technical Services, give clients a comprehensive fire protection system that has active and passive components. 

Active fire protection pertains to the hardware and equipment that are needed to detect and potentially stop a house fire from escalating. This includes sensors, alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers. All-Fast takes care of the design, supply, testing, and implementation of these things to ensure you are well equipped for a fire-related incident.  

The same is the case when it comes to passive fire protection. Passive in this sense is more synonymous with prevention and maintenance. Proper building insulation, as well as keeping your electrical wiring secure and fire hazards at a minimum, are a concern for passive protection. 

Together, active and passive fire protection keeps you worry-free. The best part of all is that All-Fast complies with FM, UL and UAE Fire & Life Safety Code, so you are guaranteed quality service.

Convenient Control

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Tying all the previous aspects of home automation mentioned above is convenient control. As previously mentioned, modern home automation systems are fully integrated with computers and the internet. With accessibility and convenience in mind, the best home automation systems use the ‘internet of things’, or IoT, innovatively and usually to great effect.

The IoT allows devices and systems to communicate and work together with minimal human input — a core tenet of automation. When looking to implement home automation in Dubai, you must be on the lookout for home systems that synergize with each other to maximize all the benefits the were listed above. 

Reap the Benefits of Full Home Automation in Dubai With All-Fast!

All-Fast Technical Services is a privately held Fire-Fighting, Automation and Specialty Works construction company that is based in Dubai, UAE. As alluded to above, you can reap all the benefits of implementing home automation with All-Fast and the home automation solutions they offer. 

With the company’s extensive experience and technical expertise, they ensure only the highest quality of service. Thanks to their commitment to providing the best products, systems, and services, you can now start the process of home automation in Dubai.

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