Passive Fire Protection System

About Active Fire Protection System

We undertake/execute project works concerning supply, installation, and certification of Passive Fire Protection System in new residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure in accordance with FM, UL and UAE Fire & Life Safety Code.

Construction Joint Firestopping

AFTS can provide a complete solution for expansion joint firestopping in accordance with ASTM E-814. UL1479 , Factory Mutual (FM System) and Civil Defence approved system.

Through Penetration Firestopping

AFTS can provide a complete solution for MEPF firestopping in accordance with ASTM E-1966, UL2079 (UL System), Factory Mutual (FM System) and Civil Defence approved system.

Curtainwall Joint Firestopping

Perimeter fire barrier systems are tested according to ASTM E2307, “Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-Story Test Apparatus (ISMA)”. Perimeter fire barriers consist of the assemblage of materials installed into the void area between a fire-rated floor and non-fire-rated exterior wall or curtain wall.

AFTS partnered with the global leaders when it comes to manufacturing of firestop materials to provide our customers with a reliable and code compliant firestopping solutions.

Expansion Joint Cover

Expansion joint cover allows for the natural shifting and movement of buildings and fortify against the spread of smoke and fire. Expansion joints are integral into the building’s design to accommodate movement and keep the building and the people inside safe from damage.

AFTS provides complete solution for the supply and installation of expansion joint cover for any types of project.

AFTS partnered with Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) to bring about the most innovative end-to-end firestopping solutions addressing the ever changing needs of Data and Communications infrastructure without the headaches and maintenance woes of traditional methods.

The EZ-Path® family of cabling solutions are the only truly maintenance-free pathway devices that complement your horizontal infrastructure, get out of the way of day to day work, and guaranteeing 100% Code Compliance 100% of the Time.